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Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT related devices.

Magnet Forensics has been helping law enforcement fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2009. Magnet Forensics has become a trusted partner for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations in over 92 countries. Court-admissible evidence recovered by Magnet Forensics tools has been used to support a wide-variety of investigations including cybercrimes, child exploitation, terrorism, human resource disputes, fraud, and intellectual property theft.

For more information, please visit https://www.magnetforensics.com


Skopenow empowers fraud and criminal investigation teams with automated entity resolution, behavior analytics, and social media intelligence. We use open-source and dark web data to monitor business connections to individuals, spending characteristics of individuals, and tie-ins to illicit activities. Skopenow provides a concise evidentiary report allowing for the anonymous review of images, text, and videos across social media sites, chat forums, and online marketplaces. For more information please e-mail us at sales@skopenow.com or visit www.skopenow.com

Binalyze is the world’s fastest and most comprehensive Digital Forensics and Incident Response platform. Our software remotely, securely collects more than 280+ digital forensic artifacts in under 10 minutes. Integrating with SIEM, SOAR and EDR systems automates this process, reducing the overhead on the SOC team and preventing costly delays. For more information, please visit www.binalyze.com


SkySafe is the only counter-drone technology company to build and operate a comprehensive, city-wide sensor network that allows organizations to detect, identify, track, and analyze the drones in their airspace, including the location of the operator. This cutting-edge, Cloud-based SaaS platform puts real-time and historical drone data at your fingertips, without the need to acquire, install or maintain expensive hardware.

SkySafe’s full suite of products also includes the CFID, a handheld solution for best-in-class forensic drone data collection trusted by governments, military, cities, and corporations around the world.




FAST FORENSIC IMAGING, EVEN WITH DAMAGED DRIVES! Get more digital evidence faster with INSIGHT FORENSIC AND TASKFORCE FORENSIC IMAGERS. The first and only forensic data acquisition tools that can automatically get evidence from both good and even damaged drives. Even the Diagnostic, Password Cracking and RAID Detection and Rebuild modules are one-button simple. Visit our booth and see why digital forensic professionals around the world depend on our imagers for their critical work!

Monolith is a full featured platform to manage case work and evidence for digital forensics, eDiscovery and incident response teams. Our platform is utilized by law enforcement to track acquisitions and data flowing through the lab. It gives the user the ability to manage tasks, create case reports, analytics and metrics reports. Reporting is granular and lab administration can pull a report on a variety of metrics from the platform that includes but not limited to what kind of evidence is in the lab, where it is stored, backlog, to what software was used in acquisitions to how often it is used. This information is extremely beneficial when projecting for future budgets.

We are a trusted global technology company with over 20 years of experience. We lead the digital forensics industry worldwide, with staff, offices, and customers in over 150 countries, while serving over 10,000 law enforcement agencies, governments, service providers, and enterprises. Our cutting-edge digital forensics solution gives access to the largest volume of critical evidential data in less time, with fewer resources. We bring innovation, solutions, and visibility to digital evidence and empower our customers to reduce backlogs, maximize productivity, and collaborate seamlessly without impacting quality.


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In the realm of digital evidence and computer forensics, organizations face a pressing challenge: the need for comprehensive and reliable solutions that encompass training, hardware, software, and services. To address this critical demand, SUMURI emerges as a leading global provider, offering a range of innovative and industry-standard products and services.

MSAB (Micro Systemation AB) is the world leader in the provision of forensically secure tools for the extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices.

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Forensic Computers, Inc. has been an industry leader since the beginning of modern digital forensics. 

Berla Corporation creates solutions for investigators to identify, acquire, and analyze critical information stored within vehicle systems. The average vehicle generates over a terabyte of data each day. Their systems are constantly collecting and generating information about when a vehicle is used, how it is performing, and the environment around it. As the technology in modern day vehicles continues to grow, so will evidentiary opportunities.

Berla’s collection of tools, form the iVe Ecosystem which supports investigators throughout the entire vehicle forensics process. There is a mobile app for identifying vehicles, performing automotive network acquisitions, and viewing collections, a hardware kit for acquiring vehicle systems, and a robust forensic software for analyzing data to uncover what happened, where it occurred and who was involved.

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Cellebrite delivers industry-leading technology and services that are trusted by law enforcement and enterprises worldwide, to help protect communities, secure their most valuable assets, and bring justice and closure to victims and the innocent.



BiometricUpdate.com is the leading news property that publishes shareable breaking news, analysis, and research about the global biometrics market.

We provide the world’s leading news coverage and information on the global biometric technology market via the web and an exclusive daily newsletter. Our daily biometrics updates, industry perspectives, interviews, columns and in-depth features explore a broad range of modalities and methods, from fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition, to cutting-edge technologies like DNA analysis and gait recognition, related identification tools such as behavioral biometrics, and non-biometric identification methods such as identity document verification and telephone forensics. Our coverage touches on all applications and issues dealt with in the sector, including national security, mobile identity, and border control, with a special emphasis on UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 to provide universal digital identification and the ID4Africa movement.

Our global audience of 2,000,000 readers each year includes governments, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and many other vertical industries along with OEMs, service providers, system integrators, enterprise and industry professionals.

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Forensic® is the leading source for daily breaking news in the forensic research community. From DNA to trace analysis, sample prep, toxicology and even crime scene technologies, Forensic® covers a breadth of information vital to forensic professionals. With both quick reads and in-depth articles, Forensic® features the voices of many professionals—all with hands-on experience. Forensic® has been serving the marketplace since 2005 with its commitment to news, products, trends and more that can help a forensic professional navigate the ever-changing landscape.

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CIO Applications is enabling the businesses to move a step ahead and guiding them towards adopting the best in technology that can assist them in providing seamless and convenient solutions for enhanced customer experience.


Forensic Focus is the web’s leading digital forensics portal for computer forensics and eDiscovery professionals.



Defense Daily is the only 100% business focused, defense-program publication written for key influencers and decision-makers.  We provide news and insights into the latest developments in military, government and private sector, impacting the major strategies, budgets and technologies used by the global defense community. Get today’s news and click on any article to get full access to the website and daily delivery of Defense Daily emails here.


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GRC, or Governance, Risk, and Compliance, is a set of plans for managing an organization’s overall risk and compliance with regulations. A well-planned GRC strategy benefits businesses by providing improved decision-making, optimal IT investments, enhanced security, and better management. GRC Outlook Magazine showcases innovative security solutions in the industry, and research by a team of industry veterans, editors, and cybersecurity specialists. Our magazine also provides CIOs’ and CISOs’ viewpoints on the latest security and compliance trends